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Alabama-Israel: A Relational Bridge

The Israel Leadership Institute (ILI)

The Israel Leadership Institute (ILI) is one of Israel's most advanced and creative leadership schools. The ILI's leadership and board of directors include some of Israel's most distinguished leaders across a variety of disciplines: retired military generals, top political and strategy consultants, leadership training experts, as well as business, economic, and academic leaders. With a broad network including political and governmental institutions, economic and business institutions, local and municipal leaders, and variety of civil organizations, the ILI offers a unique opportunity for leadership development and cooperative efforts and initiatives.

The ILI is a non-profit organization based in Sderot, on the Israeli-Gaza border. Its choice of location, in one of the most dangerous places in Israel, has gained the ILI an outstanding reputation in Israel - and globally - as a symbol of the struggle for democracy, freedom, and the fight against terror, and has made Sderot an “epicenter” of leadership development in Israel. The institute vision also includes equipping the next generation of leadership in Israel with Biblical values and leadership principles.

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Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF)