Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF) - Remembering Our Past, Shaping Our Future

The History

The Relationship

The Task Force

A Relational Bridge


The Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF)
Remembering Our Past, Shaping Our Future

The Vision - Bridges and Brotherhood

With our unique and special history, our deeply shared values, and such difficult shared experience, a growing coalition of leaders and organizations in Alabama and the Israel Leadership Institute (ILI), have reached out to one another to join arms and form a special Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF).

Mission - The Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF) seeks to provide a bridge and catalyst for broader cooperative efforts and help cultivate an even stronger and expanding state-to-state relationship between Alabama and Israel for the mutual benefit of their people.

Strategy - The Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF) facilitates state-to-state cooperation in areas of mutual interest including: Leadership Development, Economic Opportunity, Cultural Understanding and Community Partnership, Student Exchange and Academic Cooperation, Strategic Forums for Next Generation Leaders, and Joint Initiatives Inspired from Biblical Faith.

Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF)