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Wed Jan 22nd, 2014 - Mon Jan 27th, 2014
Huntsville, AL (22nd-23rd) • Birmingham, AL (24th-25th) • Montgomery, AL (26th-27th)

The Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF) will be hosting across the state of Alabama a late January visit of two Israeli leaders from the Israel Leadership Institute (ILI), in Sderot, Israel. The ILI leadership will be joining AITF leadership to help facilitate some strategic meetings across the state focused on Israel and the Alabama-Israel relationship, and strategic challenges for Israel in a changing Middle East. The ILI is an Israeli partner of AITF and will be represented during the visit by Eeki Elner (Founder, Israel Leadership Institute), and Israeli Major General Eyal Ben Reuben (Steering Committee Chairman, Israel Leadership Institute).

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The Alabama visit will include a number of churches, synagogues, and meetings with various political, religious, and business leaders across the state, and also build toward a special Statewide Celebration in March. Public meetings will include Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery:

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The Alabama-Israel Task Force (AITF), was recently formed as a catalyst for strengthening the Alabama-Israel relationship, and is quickly gaining momentum.

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This is leading to a Historic “Alabama Celebrates Israel” Statewide Gathering on Tuesday March 25th 2014 (aligned with the season of Purim) at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville.

  • In association is the launching of a People's Resolution of Reaffirmation (of the Historic 1943 Joint Resolution from Alabama calling for the establishment of the Jewish state and homeland) and Renewed Commitment in our Generation:
       - Historic 1943 Resolution:
       - People's Declaration of Reaffirmation:
  • Will include an Alabama-Israel State Leadership Roundtable the next day
  • Will include political and religious leaders from across the state, honor and celebrate our past, encourage renewed commitment in our generation, and launch a new Alabama-Israel initiative

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